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11.29.2007 a fairly new blogger and being only somewhat computer savvy, I have not yet figured the way to create links within my blog yet. I am getting there swiftly. Oooo look I got it!
I just found out about a great new search engine powered by yahoo.
GoodSearch donates half of its annual advertising revenues to a charity. As you search, you generate about a penny a search to a charity of your choosing. On a search to search basis it seems like just change, but when you add up all the searching and surfing we can really make for a nice donation!
Heifer International, a great charitable organization donating livestock to communities in need all over the world, earned quite a little cash cow in the short time this engine has been up and running. All it took was 65 supporters conducting 5 searches a day. Not baaad
Check it out and consider switching over. You can help these wonderful organizations simply by doing what you normally do. Pretty great really!
Thanks to Body and Soul Magazine for the article and thanks to you for checking it out!
Love to all
Have a marvelous day!

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