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Pass it On
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Attract Peace

Vow to have fewer conflicts in your life. You came from no conflict, so you can return there and know heaven on Earth by refusing to have your inner world conflicted by anyone at any time. Affirm over and over; I attract peace, not conflict.
~Wayne Dyer


My Future is Glorious

I now live in limitless love, light and joy. All is well in my world.
~Louise Hay

Colorado Wedding and Rocky Mtn National Park

I recently attended a wedding Colorado. It was in a beautiful little town called Estes Park which is a good 8 hours from Santa Fe. I took the scenic route there and I totally enjoyed the chaging landscape and views in every direction. The wedding was also beautiful and held on a lush lake near the lodge where we stayed. My friends Susannah and Max are perhaps the most connected and loving couple I know, so it was wonderful to be part of their special day. When I left I took a very scenic route through Rocky Mtn National Park and took some great photos. It took me nearly 12 hours to reach Santa Fe again...whew I was tired! It was so much fun to take off on my own and experience the beauty of nature.