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It all started with a box of apricots...

Some extremely kind individual left them on my doorstep whilst I was sleeping one afternoon with my little munchkin. How thoughtful. 

And what to do with a whole box?

Borrowed the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving and a few supplies for my first try at making preserves!~

First I had to pit, wash, and chop up the apricots. 

 Then I began the process of heating the jars in preparation for the hot liquid and boiling time. Sterilization is not needed, just a simmer on medium heat until just before boiling. Then cover to keep warm until they are to be filled.

While my jars were steaming, I began cooking the apricots, sugar, lemon juice...

...and fruit pectin, I had the powdered variety available. It also comes in liquid form.

Once the apricots were done cooking (brought to a boil that cannot be stirred away)  I added the fruit pectin mixed with some of the sugar for the recipe. Stir constantly for one minute. Then fill the jars ('s HOT), wipe the rims and exterior clean (with a clean towel), add the seals (aligned correctly)  and hand tighten the jars with a little extra umph.

Into the hot pot on high for 25 minutes (due to the altitude... follow directions on pectin box or in recipe book, avg. 10 min) Let stand in pot 5 minutes then remove to a heat tolerant surface.

Six beautiful jars of apricots preserves! And...

Due to the large volume of apricots, I was able to throw together an Apricot Crumble Dessert fit for a King! 
I had no desire to venture to the store for any additional ingredients, so I managed to whip this together with what I had in the cabinets. Some butter, oatmeal, brown sugar, scone mix, and of course a whole lot of delicious apricot compote. Baked at 400 for 20 minutes and a few dried apricots for garnish.

For an on the fly project...this one turned out well!