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An adventure in hand bags...

Last summer while visiting my family, I happened upon a line of handbags designed by Susan Handley called Beijo. I was gifted two of the bags and began carrying the Unchain my Heart in Buttercup when I arrived home in Santa Fe. I researched more about Beijo and it's founder, her story and the fellowship created through becoming a fashion consultant. I wasn't sold right away, but I was intrigued.

I began to notice more often and almost immediately, I was receiving compliment after compliment on my bag. Both men and women alike were drawn to take a closer look and to approach me to say so. I was now motivated to look deeper.

What I found was a woman like myself, trying to provide for her family and wanting a meaningful way to approach it. Ms. Handley began her adventure in fashion design when she was ten years old. Ten years ago she turned that childhood hobby into a dream come true. Partnering with other empowering and faithful women and men, Susan Handley has turned her passion into a way for anyone to step out into the world of fashion and fellowship to make a living. They share their ideas, strategies, and enthusiasm with everyone who is on the team. It is sold much like Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, and Tupperware, through direct sales hostess parties. And as the company is growing their presence is becoming more known all amidst the fashion world.

On A Mission, One Bag At A Time
“I am inspired and energized by the letters and emails that I receive from Beijo Independent Fashion Consultants and customers alike; enthusiastically sharing the positive changes they have experienced since discovering Beijo. From the beginning, my mission has been to help others find balance, self-confidence and financial independence. Through the years, thousands of Independent Fashion Consultants across North America have had the opportunity to earn or replace an income… and experience positive changes in their own lives.”
“However, the real reward has been to watch the mission extend and impact beyond Beijo’s boundaries. Our Company, as well as the Independent Beijo Fashion Consultants, often support and partner with local and national charities, and associations. These remarkable people and their selfless gestures, help to remind us all that it’s not just about the bags.” ~ Susan Handley founder and designer Beijo Bags

A bag for every woman, a woman for every bag. This collection is intent on fulfilling style, function, and longevity while playing with color and flair beyond your average accessory. Every woman can feel like a million dollars without having to spend a fortune. Parties require no obligation other than friends, fun and a desire to play dress up with a fine line of handbags that will make you feel feminine and will have you attracting the attention every woman deserves!

You earn rewards for the sales from your party and can then move from hostess to fashion consultant for even more benefits.

The company makes it easy to access all the resources to properly begin and run your very own business. They provide marketing materials, tools for success, training, conferences, and much more.
The best part is that Beijo is built on an inspired reason and offered to others as a template for success, giving each individual the opportunity to make their Beijo experience what works in their life and their schedule. It is an opportunity as well for meeting new people, sharing new adventures, and providing a job that is fun, rewarding, and fit to your needs.

So far I have enjoyed being part of Beijo tremendously. There is an open market waiting to be explored, new things I can learn about business, people, and effective sales and a chance for me to pass on the faith that makes this company shine.

To explore Beijo on your own, please visit my website and have a look.

You can also contact me at with any questions or to start your adventure with Beijo today!


Peaces Of Indigo.

From the moment I saw her work, I knew that one day I would own at least one of the creations from Ms. Dawanna Young's studio. Her business, Peaces Of Indigo, specializes in one of a kind creations; finely crafted, made with recycled materials and guaranteed to grant its recipient a passage to another time and place with its worldly romantic charm.

Inspired by nature and sculpted in a one of a kind piece of art that will fit you as if it were always just for you. Since I have discovered her work, and become the proud owner of an amazing necklace, I have watched her work transform and bloom into a thriving and eclectic collection of truly delightful treasures.

Using only the finest hand chosen stones and the grandest of intentions, Ms. Young creates whimsical adornments for the lady and lord in us all, both custom and jeweler inspired. Her studio in Nashville itself has changed to become more suitable for her abundant clientele all over the world.

From Dawanna herself, "
All of my metals are recycled and lovely. I choose to use fair trade gemstones. Sourcing ethical materials is a sort of obsession, since I believe that where they come from affects the 'feel' of my jewelry. My trademarked phrase describes the heart and soul of my jewelry designs: Crafted with intent, infused with love and made to last. (tm)"

Indeed, from beginning to end the ease and beauty of the transaction for the artist and myself was charged with spirit. My heirloom arrived wrapped in a charming and thoughtful package adding the final touches to the amazing service. What lies within is a personal treasure, mine being a tree of life pendant with handwritten Rumi quote made from recycled silver clay. The chain an elaborate presentation of silver wire holding gorgeous stones of labradorite, garnet, and pyrite as well as peacock freshwater pearls.

For the romantic love in all of you, please visit Ms. Young on her website, her Etsy account, or her facebook page to share in the riches and give the gift of true love to yourself or to the special folks in your lives.


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Love via 1 Corinthians

Wordle: love from corinthians

Victorian Homes in Cape May NJ

Santa Fe Internataional Folk Art Market

 Just a couple of weeks ago, my NM family and I went to the International Folk Art Market to watch the Lion Dance and walk around a bit.

 We watched some dancing and singing, ate a bite from Annapurna, a local vegetarian restaurant and waited patiently for the very lively Lion Dance.

Drumming along with elaborate dancing in asian lion costume. One Red and One Green, a man in mask and robe with fan seemed to orchestrate the whole ensemble.

They moved through the plaza and the crowd, delighted the children and adults alike with the hard work on that very warm day and performed traditional dances from their culture. A spirited display of what art means to each of us. We watched the dancers switch off through the dance and keep going without missing a beat, we watched them work like acrobats and mimes creating the Lion's movements as if they were their own. What fun!


Then it was on to perusing the booths of amazing artwork. Fairly uneventful until we came to a Ubezikstan ceramic table. Apparently days earlier while visiting the museum for the parade, my folks came across this very happy man waving and found that he was Firdavs Yusupov, 8th generation ceramicist and excellent artist. All of his pieces had a familiar blue tone although each piece, of all sizes, was unique.

I caught myself delighted by the work and was making my way around the booth when an elder man approached me speaking no english. With him came a friend and local gallery owner to translate. The man lifted his creation and tapped the side of the pottery to make a beautiful throng of perfect symmetry. Truly it was the nicest piece amongst them. The man from Santa Fe conveyed to me that this was his piece and not his son whose booth we were in. He told me then that the man wanted me to have the piece, that was it, wrap it up. I was a bit alerted to the fact that although it was a very generous price, that it was not in my budget. As they continued wrapping the platter, the young artist's wife who spoke english approached me to ask what was happening, she was adorable and apologetic.
Since my folks had already admired the pieces I offered the generous discount to them and tried to step away from the deal a bit. The gallery owner was even willing to purchase the piece on my behalf and take payments. This was to be mine. I waited and let all involved decide and low and behold we decided to become owners of this hand made 7th generation ornately decorated platter from Uzbekistan.

Although it is touching to own the piece, the story itself is where the richness of life is seen. Someone has a feeling to make an action which sets into motion a whole meeting of people from two very different worlds. I was pleased to relate to those I could not speak with and walk away with a piece of art that will forever touch my heart.


It all started with a box of apricots...

Some extremely kind individual left them on my doorstep whilst I was sleeping one afternoon with my little munchkin. How thoughtful. 

And what to do with a whole box?

Borrowed the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving and a few supplies for my first try at making preserves!~

First I had to pit, wash, and chop up the apricots. 

 Then I began the process of heating the jars in preparation for the hot liquid and boiling time. Sterilization is not needed, just a simmer on medium heat until just before boiling. Then cover to keep warm until they are to be filled.

While my jars were steaming, I began cooking the apricots, sugar, lemon juice...

...and fruit pectin, I had the powdered variety available. It also comes in liquid form.

Once the apricots were done cooking (brought to a boil that cannot be stirred away)  I added the fruit pectin mixed with some of the sugar for the recipe. Stir constantly for one minute. Then fill the jars ('s HOT), wipe the rims and exterior clean (with a clean towel), add the seals (aligned correctly)  and hand tighten the jars with a little extra umph.

Into the hot pot on high for 25 minutes (due to the altitude... follow directions on pectin box or in recipe book, avg. 10 min) Let stand in pot 5 minutes then remove to a heat tolerant surface.

Six beautiful jars of apricots preserves! And...

Due to the large volume of apricots, I was able to throw together an Apricot Crumble Dessert fit for a King! 
I had no desire to venture to the store for any additional ingredients, so I managed to whip this together with what I had in the cabinets. Some butter, oatmeal, brown sugar, scone mix, and of course a whole lot of delicious apricot compote. Baked at 400 for 20 minutes and a few dried apricots for garnish.

For an on the fly project...this one turned out well!


I'm Back!!

After far too long, I am back. I began this post while vacationing in my hometown in NJ.

I have linked my 1st post here back to the last post before I began dealing with a more stress inducing part of my life. In January, dear Etta James passed away and my last post was about her sweet spirit.

In the time since, I have been surfing for new music. Amongst the talented artists out there a band I have come to love the Tedeschi Trucks Band. I scan YouTube often for live video of some of their fantastic performances. Susan Tedeschi has an amazing force with her voice that has nothing to do with volume. She sings the blues with obvious vast influence from the greats. And man she can play the guitar! Paired up with Derek Trucks whom is simply a musical wizard, they really put on a show. I love their arrangements, their originality, and their charisma. What a great team and talented set of musicians.

I recently came across a song that Miss Etta James made famous, I'd Rather Go Blind. That is what sparked me to make this my come back post!

Written by Elligton Jordan and Miss. James but co-credited to Billy Foster, Etta's partner at the time. While Jordan was in prison, James visited him and he shared his work in progress with her,  James would later finish it. Etta wrote of this encounter, the response from the record label and how much the song was part of her own inner world in her autobiography, Rage to Survive. 

Upon my research, I came across a Slate article on the day of her passing. David Haglund speaks of her connection to this song specifically as it was such hit and it touched so many lives.

So from Etta herself to Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks...I'd Rather Go Blind has been performed by many an artist, but none like Miss Etta James.

Thankfully I would no sooner go blind for a fool, than jump into a river full of leeches.

what I have reminds me that happiness is my perspective and what I have achieved in the time since my last posting, another testament to the miracle of truth, of faith, of love. I'm thankful for the ones that walk away. It makes room for me, for my daughter, and for a different kind of love.


Etta James

What a powerful woman. What a beautiful soul. She sang the blues like no other...
Her voice will be missed but never forgotten.



I think that inside us all is a space that knows that there is something beyond what we can see, hear, smell, breathe or imagine. That mystery has an answer in my opinion. However you choose to honor that essence, to me it is all God.