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Our little bundle of joy and happiness is getting bigger all the time! She weighed in at 12lbs 8oz last week and she is eating heartily everyday. The doctor seemed quite pleased and did not seem to think we are risks for the flu. Yippee!!
Isabela is smiling more and learning her preferences, which she is not afraid to make known. She plays daily on her rainforest gym (thanks uncle joe, susan, megan, and joey!)
...and sometimes when she realizes she is alone, she will call out with what sounds like, "hey mom, where are you?" You can even hear the HEY! She is adorable and so much fun. I am a very active person and she is very willing to travel right there with me and take in the new sights.
Lots of changes besides the seasons for our little family but all good. I have started a great therapy program called DBT and Anthony and I are making some needed changes in our relationship. Building again from the ground up with a strong foundation this time around. It has been a mixture of sad and exciting to see all the differences a new perspective can bring.
Overall I am thrilled and encouraged to be given this opportunity to be a great mom to a gorgeous baby.

Some new pics...



Just a couple weeks came to visit Isabela. It was so nice to have everyone meet her and spend time together as a family. My dad and Diane, Elizabeth and Mike all came to enjoy Santa Fe and spend lots of time loving on the baby. I loved watching everyone get to know my little angel and how she interacted with them all. Here are some photos. Love you!


Isabela Faith

Well after all the waiting and preparing and freaking out...
We have a new member in our family! Isabela Faith was born 8/13/09 at 8:43am in Santa Cruz, NM.

I gave birth at home which was a whirlwind 29 hours from start to almost finish. A few complications with the afterbirth occurred and it was off to the hospital for me. I was certainly a bit out of it and was not thrilled but the whole experience went quite well. The staff at the hospitl was wonderful and they took great care of me. I was able to have the baby with me as soon as I was up to returning to my room and they released me later that evening for a good night's rest at home.

No photos from the birth...thank goodness, but some here from the last few days. She is already a week old! I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know her and learning every facial expression and sound. So far she has been a very good baby and is growing cuter by the minute!

Grandma Stephanie and Grandpa Bill are soaking up Isabela time at the moment while I get some rest in between feedings and caring for my little miracle.

I cannot wait for everyone to meet her and see how special she is making her a perfect addition to our family. Love to all!


Dad's Visit

Sorry this is a little late...but better late than never! A few weeks ago, my dad came to visit me in Santa Fe and we had some adventures. We went to a magnificent Monastery Of Christ in the Desert which I have blogged about before and got some great shots of the scenery along the way

I finally have some belly photos to show for the pregnancy thanks to dad.
Anthony had a show while he was here and we went to cheer him. A little acoustic gig at a local pizza place. Dad and Anthony busted out the guitars quite a bit while dad was here and I got to sit and listen to two of my favorite artists play together!
We ate good food, spent time catching up and being a family and it was great! I was sad to see him leave but am gladdened by the fact that he will be returning in September with Diane to see the new arrival.
We are all moved in and getting ready to relax before the activity begins. There are some things that need doing around the place and we are busy working away. I am looking forward to preparing the baby's room and getting the yard clear for the dogs to roam freely.
I have signed up for some birthing classes with The Birthing Tree Cooperative. I am hoping it will give me a bit of a crash course in giving birth as about now I am a little anxious to know what to expect.
I have been trying to get a lot of baby items second hand to keep the cost down. I understand how quickly the little one will grow especially in the beginning. I was lucky to receive a co-sleeper from Arm's Reach for free! The woman who was recycling it on a great site called freecycle, also gave me some clothes, a small swing, and a couple other items. I was grateful and thrilled to be so blessed. Check out freecycle in your area to see how you can give and receive useful items for FREE!
This Saturday the ladies at the church are having a baby shower for me. They are so sweet! I am excited because I know I will get things like homemade quilts and blankets which are always so nice!
Hope all is well with everyone! I love you much...
Here are some pics of dad's trip. When will the rest of you come for a visit? We've got some room...


Busy, busy, busy

Phew I have been busy! Between growing a little one, work, meetings, appointments, and babysitting...I have been keeping myself very busy. All in all I am glad to be getting around and getting things done. Anthony and I figured this was the time to do anything that might be more difficult once the baby comes. Those little things add up!

In addition, Anthony and I have found a little place to call home. It is 25 minutes north of Santa Fe in a little town called Santa Cruz. It is a walled in little compound on 4 acres and has amain house and two casitas. The best part is the pond and the space for a big garden. We are very excited to move in and begin getting the place ready for our little one.
I have always wanted to cultivate a garden which is a bit difficult in the Southwest. I think I will finally be able to get that going and have herbs, veggies, and flowers to brighten the days. I have also been toying with the idea of having bees for some time now and perhaps next year once we are settled and the baby is growing we can begin to think about that.

Dad will be arriving on the 14th just in time to help us move in! I am so excited! It will be nice to have him visit the land that I call home. It is a bit different than it is back east and I am happy to share some of the wonders with him.
Hope everyone is doing well!!! Love and hugs to all.


Another cute baby pic

I had to go in for another ultrasound yesterday and while they were checking on the little one, they caught an adorable little photo of him/her looking right at us. It was like the baby was waving at us!


New Baby Pics

I thought I would post the new ultrasound pics. We were able to get the new 3D ultrasound which is some of the more recent technology. I thought it was very neat but the pics look a bit alien. Yikes! So I included one of the older kind and a new 3D to show you what I mean. They did all kinds of measurements and I will hear from the doctor next visit if there is anything to worry about. Things looked really good though.

The baby was moving all around and kicking up a storm. I am still not feeling much of that yet so it was interesting to see the little one in action. A little Kung Fu star in the making!
I did not find out the sex of the baby as I would like to be surprised!
I will keep you all posted.
Happy Thursday!



For those of yu who do not know...I love to sing karaoke. It was one of the first things I found to do in Santa Fe when I moved here and I have been going on and off over the years ever since. Last week I entered a karaoke competition. I sang Son of a Preacher Man and All I Wanna Do. I scored well but came in third place and only the first two spots moved on tot he next round. I had fun none the less and I am proud of my third place win!


Ah visiting NJ...always a pleasure!

Settling in back in NM after my week long vacation to NJ. It was great.
I really got a chance to remember my spirit, who I am in this crazy world. I guess I forget sometimes.
I got to venture into the city, meet up with old friends, visit with family and relax...all in the same trip!
The weather was mild and actually quite nice for March which I was thankful for...even though I brought my big down coat just in case. It came in handy walking around New York.
So much has been happening for me lately. I think many of you know the good news and I will share with the rest of you now...
Michele is going to be a MOMMY!!!!

Here's the little one at the end of January. I get another ultrasound next week and I will make sure to put those up much sooner than this one!
I am really excited, scared...ready and not...all at the same time.
Everyone has been so loving and supportive. Thanks for that! It means a lot.
As far as I can tell...the new little one is already such a blessing to the family and most of all to me. I am swiftly reflecting and growing in an effort to be the best mom I can be come August.
I'll keep you all posted.
Lots of love


so far behind

Alright I am so far behind on my posting i can barely think of all that has happened since I was last here. Phew! Sorry about that.
The preschool where I was working has closed down which is very sad. I am very excited to think I will be getting a part time job at another preschool though where there are some little ones from the last school.
It has been snowing and lovely here in Santa Fe. A little colder than I would prefer, but the sun is almost always shining. I love that!
I have been keeping up and reading all of your blogs my dear family and I am so happy that everyone is doing well, growing, and making life as positive as they can. It is a great source of inspiration for me. Thanks.
I miss you all and wish I could have been around for the holidays.
Better yet I was hoping to get together all the cookies I made to send as well as some other things. And I did not. I have been a bit tired and run down these days. A little cold here and there. So I apologize and will get my act together.
Here is a photo of the Christmas tree this year. I little Charlie Brown-ish but I loved it. Just perfect for my little space.

Bill took these recently at their house. That's my new down coat to stay out of the cold. Apparently sisters have good taste as Elizabeth got the same one when she was visiting. Nice!

And is a beautiful photo of the mountains from a house up on the hill. I have been doing a little house sitting for now which has been very helpful with extra money.

Love you all...will post more regularly.