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Chronic pain (updated)

After some very intense displacement of both hips and neck in my early youth, I have built up a fair amount of soft tissue damage and some residual scar tissue along with truly stuck spots that cause every day chronic pain for me. 
Some activities make it much worse and I try to avoid to much strain, and eating a diet with a low level of inflammatory items is a necessity to keep comfort at optimum. I don't like taking medicine for pain and choose to do some basic things only and then do a lot of stretching and moving to help release stuck spots and make movement less painful. Here is a great resource for some very beneficial stretches if you too have aches and pains that need some attention!
Let em Go!

Make Your Life Healthier: 36 Pictures to see which muscles you are stretching.

Part of the problem with chronic pain, particularly from injury, is that the stress of our lives tends to pin point and target the painful areas and it can cause an atrophy and blockage.

Here is a great page on how to release stress from the body specifically focusing on the Psoas muscle, and its importance in centered living.

Craniosacral Therapy is very helpful in healing chronic pain and I have personal experience both as a client and a student. It is amazing to see what our bodies are capable of doing when healing energy is present.