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When God Gives Up...

I typed in "When God gives up" in my google search bubble...wondering if there was a passage that would lead me to what happens to someone when they willfully choose to ignore what is truth.
I found a website with commentary that led me to this scripture. Romans 1:18-32 God's Judgment of Sin. The book of Romans was written after Jesus came to be on this earth in flesh. This passage is part of a section where the Apostle Paul is building an airtight case for the lostness of humanity and the necessity for God's intervention.

Phew. There is some heavy stuff addressed in this passage. It is controversial and inflammatory to many I imagine.

And yet I say, is it wrong to express interest in a "general code of life" as opposed to us all feeling free to do as we please, which in many cases has detrimental consequences for others who may be absolutely innocent?

Owning up and taking responsibility for our actions is tough. No one thinks of it as fun. The good news; It is freeing. Incredibly freeing.

And it leads to a much healthier life. I know only because I have walked it, through it, in it, walking now, always in truth. And it is the only way I have found to wrestle with life and withstand all that it can throw at you.

So why am I wondering if God is giving up on people?
Well because I see it happening. In my own personal experience and in the world at large.

I feel that I am an extremely accepting individual, open to anything and everything, while also realizing that keeping the reins on the "extras" in my life helps keep my influences and support system focused in such a way that I can trust in and count on them whenever I may need. So by remaining clear on what my morals and boundaries are and sticking within those parameters, I find that I do not have to question my actions or intuition or that of those in my "family". I can rest knowing that our collective goals are set on the truth and what is based in love and general goodness. That is a comforting feeling.

As I venture beyond this family, I am particularly cautious of where and with whom I spend my time. I know that I could be susceptible to the games of any who do not share in the desire to keep our souls free of the shame and guilt that comes from sinful living.
I love everyone and wish each individual freedom in choosing what is right for them while also reserving the choice to stick by my own core beliefs. And in a dream, we would all find the love that God has intended. That is what heaven is like I imagine.

As I began to discover my own truth and endeavored to possess it with clarity, I became more and more alienated from that which my companions held, or professed to hold.
~Juan Goytisolo

Romans 1:18-32 speaks of God's Anger at Sin. It speaks of the truth and the consequence of ignoring it, which is eventual abandonment by God. And in this period of abandonment, people choose to get so intertwined in their sin it overtakes them. The apostle Paul says that "Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done."
This is what I see happening and it is astonishing.

Furthermore, the disdain for the abandoned is trumped with their knowledge of the fact that their actions are known to be worthy of death, and they choose to do it anyway. Still worse, they encourage others to do the same.

The only way I have found to have fun, be safe, and stay free from the clutches of those who wish to corrupt my to listen to my intuition which is set on the love and truth of God. While I may still stumble as none of us is perfect or can ever be, it was not until I released the activities from my life that caused me shame and guilt that I could be free to hear the voice within that keeps my life on the track that is intended.

Dear Lord I pray today that your voice is loudest to each and every one of us. That you can encourage with Your love, all of us to listen to Your word and change the tone of our planet away from the poverty of sin, to the riches in a life well lived in love.

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