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so far behind

Alright I am so far behind on my posting i can barely think of all that has happened since I was last here. Phew! Sorry about that.
The preschool where I was working has closed down which is very sad. I am very excited to think I will be getting a part time job at another preschool though where there are some little ones from the last school.
It has been snowing and lovely here in Santa Fe. A little colder than I would prefer, but the sun is almost always shining. I love that!
I have been keeping up and reading all of your blogs my dear family and I am so happy that everyone is doing well, growing, and making life as positive as they can. It is a great source of inspiration for me. Thanks.
I miss you all and wish I could have been around for the holidays.
Better yet I was hoping to get together all the cookies I made to send as well as some other things. And I did not. I have been a bit tired and run down these days. A little cold here and there. So I apologize and will get my act together.
Here is a photo of the Christmas tree this year. I little Charlie Brown-ish but I loved it. Just perfect for my little space.

Bill took these recently at their house. That's my new down coat to stay out of the cold. Apparently sisters have good taste as Elizabeth got the same one when she was visiting. Nice!

And is a beautiful photo of the mountains from a house up on the hill. I have been doing a little house sitting for now which has been very helpful with extra money.

Love you all...will post more regularly.