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I completed my first session of Craniosacral training! In 28 hours I learned a whole lot about anatomy, Craniosacral techniques, and the amazing healing power of the body. Our teacher Etienne Piersmon is a wonderful example of how having your heart be present in your work makes all the difference. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of Craniosacral is contagious. I feel that I walked away with a great beginning to a wonderful practice.
As a student you also give and receive body work during the training which is a great way to begin to understand the basics. I enjoyed meeting new people also interested in healing and I am already practicing on friends and neighbors so I am ready for the next section which begins the end of this month. I am thrilled to have finally found something that makes sense to me and that I am really quite good at doing!



I found a great new way to listen to the radio on your computer! A friend introduced me to which is free to join and allows you to cater your music playlists to artists and genres you want to hear. You can listen too all of the same or mix it up for a variety of everything you like. I have been quite impressed with the selections and I have been introduced to many new artists (to me anyway) because of joining. Check it out if you like music!


Jumping in and out
Cause it suits me just fine
Don't want to settle for something
That isn't right at this time
Loving you
Baring my soul
Don't want to mistake this
For the one to whom I will belong
Can't hear what is right
When I am making you wrong
But I'm letting you know
Because I want it all
In due time
I think you'll agree
Through all the chaos
A chance to be free