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Dad's Visit

Sorry this is a little late...but better late than never! A few weeks ago, my dad came to visit me in Santa Fe and we had some adventures. We went to a magnificent Monastery Of Christ in the Desert which I have blogged about before and got some great shots of the scenery along the way

I finally have some belly photos to show for the pregnancy thanks to dad.
Anthony had a show while he was here and we went to cheer him. A little acoustic gig at a local pizza place. Dad and Anthony busted out the guitars quite a bit while dad was here and I got to sit and listen to two of my favorite artists play together!
We ate good food, spent time catching up and being a family and it was great! I was sad to see him leave but am gladdened by the fact that he will be returning in September with Diane to see the new arrival.
We are all moved in and getting ready to relax before the activity begins. There are some things that need doing around the place and we are busy working away. I am looking forward to preparing the baby's room and getting the yard clear for the dogs to roam freely.
I have signed up for some birthing classes with The Birthing Tree Cooperative. I am hoping it will give me a bit of a crash course in giving birth as about now I am a little anxious to know what to expect.
I have been trying to get a lot of baby items second hand to keep the cost down. I understand how quickly the little one will grow especially in the beginning. I was lucky to receive a co-sleeper from Arm's Reach for free! The woman who was recycling it on a great site called freecycle, also gave me some clothes, a small swing, and a couple other items. I was grateful and thrilled to be so blessed. Check out freecycle in your area to see how you can give and receive useful items for FREE!
This Saturday the ladies at the church are having a baby shower for me. They are so sweet! I am excited because I know I will get things like homemade quilts and blankets which are always so nice!
Hope all is well with everyone! I love you much...
Here are some pics of dad's trip. When will the rest of you come for a visit? We've got some room...