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Feliz Cumpleanos...Sunday is the day

Happy Birthday to me.
Tiny bits of grey getting more evident, laugh lines starting to show a bit, weary eyed from the ride...still kicking it for a while.

Spending my birthday in a different kind of way.

Going to include my daughter in a little gift I asked for 32 years ago and that was to go to the Jesus Bookstore.

This year I will bring my own girl just that same age as I was then.

My birthday, Sunday the 13th, as we are both born on the 13th of our birth month's, 32 years later, hand in hand.
 I remember still the excitement and absolute glory I was in that day in the passage through the isles. To this day I still have some of the treasures I found all those years ago.

I have been leading a more faithful, outspoken, and slightly rebellious lifestyle ever since I can remember, and in this growth over all of the sometimes painful years, I can honestly say that today, none of the hurting, the sorrow, the downness, none of it made me anything other than sad at the time I allowed it to matter. It does not hurt me anymore, now that I have come full circle. None of the heartaches would have ripped me apart had I continued to walk in this faith, with the eyes of the 6 year old, understanding what the LOVE that I had been given would mean, and that this LOVE will always be.

New things this year...

I have decided to go to church on my birthday, which is long overdue.
I am not a social being any longer and I need to bounce into a nurturing place to follow faithful living with others and help inspire with the beauty that only grows stronger inside of me.

The years add an aged wisdom that I cherish and I am nearing a big bash, decade, year next birthday. Let's just say between now and then there will be a lot on content and hopefully some contentment, a lot of writing and rambling. Growth...LOVE. Tunes, Art...all of it. The book is so close to finished I can almost smell the first print, waiting for everyone's soul healing. It's blossoming just as Spring has begun.


Enjoy this weekend folks and prepare for the glorious resurrection of the LOVE that is ever present in each of us and that which us connects us together where other things tear us apart.

Feel the presence of LOVE.

I'll be capturing photographs, soaking in familiar smells, sharing LOVE with my little sweetheart, tasting cakes, drinking my favorite tea, playing, praising, and breathing the freshness of loving myself the way that I am LOVED>


Cult of Personality

 Does this test give you an honest assessment of your personality? Take the 12 minutes and answer with thought.


Mumford and Sons

Have to say this is the best performance I have seen of these gentleman here on YouTube. They profess this may have been their best festival experience ever. I see it in their performance.

I have seen them live twice so far. I hope to make this year's Outside Lands Fest the 3rd!! The feeling of spirit is contagious and ever preset from first note to last. The bands they bring to their gigs and the fests they belong to are all magical.


I really look forward to these blokes continuing to do what they do best, which is connect folks and touch hearts.


February is a great month to Read!!


Do you love reading?

Tell us what you are reading now, in the comments below....

I'm reading to my daughter daily and marveling at her advancements in just a few short months. 

Very inspiring!

Currently we are reading,  Claude on the Slopes, by Alex T. Smith

Last night she read to me from, Mr. Putter and Tabby Take the Train, by Cynthia Rylant and Arthur Howard.

I am currently working on my book, 7 Steps to Inner Harmony, and reading for me is research and drafts, editing and collecting information for this blog. 

I'd love to know what is new (and old) out there that you think noteworthy.

Pass it On!