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For a couple months now I have been part of the church choir at a small Methodist community here in Santa Fe. The church is affiliated with the preschool where I work in the afternoons. At first I was simply helping out but have found myself really enjoying singing praise to the Lord and being part of service. I have begun to read the bible again and remember fondly when Noni used to read to us. I am so thankful for those times, and so many other times with Noni, as I think that is what set the true seed of love in my heart. Even though song is the road that led me there, it is clear to me that there is a greater reason for my being part of this modest community. I feel I have begun to renew my faith and really grasp the love of the Lord from a more mature perspective. Love is a beautiful thing!


Sarah said...

Well you know Alan is at a Methodist seminary (and they are very kind to us, I must say). Other point of commonality: we both sing in the church choir, though neither of us can sing! The people there are old and we can't say no when they say "Alan, Sarah, get up there!"

Gingeralex said...

I'm glad you're voice is being shared! And I have to say you're voice is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard.

michele said...

Thank you to both of my beautiful cousins for reading and sharing!!! LOL I have the same experience with my choir! I am glad my voice is being used...I think I was quiet long enough and I really can think of no better way to express than praising the Lord for all his kindness and grace.

howie said...

I'm so glad you're singing. Keep your voice in good shape. You promised to sing Amazing Grace at my memorial service.