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The Office

So... I work from home for part of my day and I found this great pic of the office on my camera yesterday! I am very lucky to have such a nice job with a great boss.
The company is 180 Networks and I answer the phones, schedule appointments, do the invoicing, run errands, and generally make my boss' life easier.

And in the afternoon...

I get to play with kids! I work at Zia Montessori Preschool as an aftercare assistant. I am currently working towards becoming more of a teacher to the little angels that I work with. We have a new director and she is giving some teacher training next week...I'm excited! She is also interested in having me take some more training to become Montessori certified and perhaps even begin taking classes for a teaching degree. What a nice compliment! I'll keep you posted.



Calabacitas means little squash

I made some this evening for the first time and man is it good!
My mother passed along a recipe from a friend and I ventured to try this delicious dish.

3-4 small zucchini
3-4 small yellow squash
1 med onion chopped
2 teaspoons garlic (preferably the kind you can buy in a jar)
green chile (bueno frozen)
fresh corn or box of frozen
2-3 tomatoes cut into large chunks
1- 1 1/2 pkgs shredded cheese (3 cheese variety works well)
olive or canola oil

slice zucchini and squash into about 1/16 inch slices - microwave in high 10 mintues
Add oil to large skillet till bottom is completely covered. Saute chopped onion until transparent.
Add garlic and chopped chile and saute together
Add squash and zucchini
salt and pepper to taste.

Cover and cook on med to low heat stirring frequently. If looks dry, add more oil. After about 15 min add corn. If frozen cook 15-20 min, less for fresh.

Add chopped tomatoes. Stir. Cook until tomatoes are hot.
Turn off heat
Add cheese

When cheese is melted it is ready to serve!

Makes great burritos and enchilada filling. Add beans or fried potatoes if desired!

Hope you like it as much as I did. Easy, fun, and most of all tasty.


Worry? Nah!

I have been worrying about of it for a couple weeks pretty heavily. I tend towards that kind of thought process anyways and recently I quit smoking cigarettes without the help of anything. It is not so easy, but worth it when I look at the health benefits and the savings. It has brought up some issues for me which I am prepared to face and yet...I worry. God has sent me messages through friends, through church, and through my exploration of scripture. Thought I'd share this with you...I think it is helpful for us all.

Do not give in to sadness, torment not yourself with brooding;
gladness of heart is the very life of man, cheerfulness prolongs his days.

Distract yourself, renew your courage, drive resentment far away from you;
For worry has brought death to many, nor is there anything to be gained from resentment.

Envy and anger shorten one's life, worry brings on premature old age.

Do not be concerned for your life, what you are to eat, or for your body, what you are to wear. Life is more important than food and the body more important than clothing. Consider the ravens: they do not sow, they do not reap, they have neither cellar nor barn - yet God feeds them.
How much more important you are than the birds! Which of you by worrying can add a moment to their life-span? If the smallest things are beyond your power, why be anxious about the rest?

Stop worrying. The unbelievers of this world are always running after these things. Your Father knows that you need such things. Seek out instead his kingship over you, his way of holiness, and all things will be given you in turn. Enough then of worrying about tomorrow. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Today has troubles enough of its own.


new poem/song

I've walked the road of healing
So many times before
I thought this time of giving up
Then God knocked on my door

This time the path is different
You've not seen this place awake
Just keep your wits about you
And remember what's at stake

My love it grows inside you
Stronger day by day
It won't be long until you find
Just what you mean to say
I'll guide you, help you ever more
Gifts of wisdom from above
Worry not my blessed daughter
You've got the gift of love

Relief washed over my heart again
As I lifted up my face
I know that even if the tears do fall
I will walk along with grace

The love that grows inside me
Stronger day by day
Will not leave me lonely, no
His love is here to stay
So thankful for His presence
To guide me while I roam
The gift of word is yet to come
Until He brings me home



For a couple months now I have been part of the church choir at a small Methodist community here in Santa Fe. The church is affiliated with the preschool where I work in the afternoons. At first I was simply helping out but have found myself really enjoying singing praise to the Lord and being part of service. I have begun to read the bible again and remember fondly when Noni used to read to us. I am so thankful for those times, and so many other times with Noni, as I think that is what set the true seed of love in my heart. Even though song is the road that led me there, it is clear to me that there is a greater reason for my being part of this modest community. I feel I have begun to renew my faith and really grasp the love of the Lord from a more mature perspective. Love is a beautiful thing!


Lift my Voice

If I will never live up to the person I want to be
Then what is all this fighting for?
Will I have let you down again
If I wage this silent war?

I lift my voice to the heaven’s above
To ask what beauty does exist
All at once I know the answer
So I’m here to tell you this

With love you can move mountains
Or be shown the way to pass
With faith you can fight demons
That tempt you and distract

Look inside and you will find all you need is there
You’ve got to realize
You hold the key to open the door
Where love from the heaven’s will pour

You are not alone
Help is always at your side
If you open up your heart
This love will set you free


Blowing in the Wind

I feel their sorrow blowing in the wind
And it tears my soul in two
I feel as though my heart is breaking
But the pain is not mine so I try and have peace

I hear the cries and my arms reach out
No one is there to receive this love
I cast into the wind a message of hope
That all of those souls be saved

How hard to be happy
When the soul is awake with sadness
I feel empty as their pain fills me up
Longing to separate it from my own
So that I may ease their sorrow

A smile, a kindness, a gift of love
All that it takes to turn away shame
I lift up my voice to ask for help
Peace for my soul and love in my heart
Strong enough to heal these hurts

For those who wish to forsake my love
So be it
It is not for me to decide
They cannot effect my happiness
Or touch this love I have to give


Weather the Storm

With patience these walls can be broken down
With love this heart can begin anew

With trust divine and understanding all the barriers disappear
Without foolish pride I am here and I am real

It is not so easy to find another
Willing to weather the storm
It is not so easy to give to another
Who lives their life so torn

Not looking for perfection
Not waiting here in vain
I will give and give and pray
That I will find beauty here once more

I surrender all my fears
Give up what has passed me by
Knowing I have love inside me
More than enough to live this life



I am a fan of love for sure, but the hype of valentine's definitely doesn't get me excited. I am thankful to have a day to give, without question, all the love I have to offer but I feel that hallmark and lazy people have fallen back on relying on this day to express sentiments that should be shared everyday! That said, I am appreciative to receive gifts of chocolate from loved ones for this occasion. Yum! Thank you!
Love to all.



I completed my first session of Craniosacral training! In 28 hours I learned a whole lot about anatomy, Craniosacral techniques, and the amazing healing power of the body. Our teacher Etienne Piersmon is a wonderful example of how having your heart be present in your work makes all the difference. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of Craniosacral is contagious. I feel that I walked away with a great beginning to a wonderful practice.
As a student you also give and receive body work during the training which is a great way to begin to understand the basics. I enjoyed meeting new people also interested in healing and I am already practicing on friends and neighbors so I am ready for the next section which begins the end of this month. I am thrilled to have finally found something that makes sense to me and that I am really quite good at doing!



I found a great new way to listen to the radio on your computer! A friend introduced me to which is free to join and allows you to cater your music playlists to artists and genres you want to hear. You can listen too all of the same or mix it up for a variety of everything you like. I have been quite impressed with the selections and I have been introduced to many new artists (to me anyway) because of joining. Check it out if you like music!


Jumping in and out
Cause it suits me just fine
Don't want to settle for something
That isn't right at this time
Loving you
Baring my soul
Don't want to mistake this
For the one to whom I will belong
Can't hear what is right
When I am making you wrong
But I'm letting you know
Because I want it all
In due time
I think you'll agree
Through all the chaos
A chance to be free


Everyday is Winding Road

Life is a fantastical journey towards peace and awareness
I am thankful for the lessons I learn and this place I have arrived
I have love
and when troubles arise
I am thankful that tomorrow a whole new beginning awaits


Cranial Sacral

I am now enrolled in a certification program for Cranial Sacral Therapy. There are many resources and educational opportunities here for learning bodywork and New Mexico Academy Of Healing Arts is one of the best. It will take me two years to complete the program but with all the hours of practice required to be the best healer I can be, I think I'm going to need it!
I personally have received cranial sacral treatments for a variety of issues in my life and I must say that the healing properties of this particular modality are tremendous! I feel like a new me! I have been looking for a program to satisfy my desires to help others and heal people...looks like I am well on my way.


dephase (day-fah-ZAY) French
To feel out of it

We all have those days when enthusiasm for life seems elusive. The dominant energy is somewhat depressed and we want to crawl under the sheets and disappear, or not get out of bed at all. If you manage to muster enough energy to get about the business of daily engagement with the world, there is a definite mood of being dephase. Every aspect of your being seems affected and out of synch; the body protests any demonstration of liveliness, concentration is difficult, and we may feel disconnected. Whether the stars are the cause or just mid-season blues, understanding why is less essential than accepting and gently redirecting whatever is occurring. Since productivity is out of the question, try to yield your sense of control, and initiate some small action that allows you to get a bit more centered. Observe the flow of this fragmented space and be witness to your own confusion. Gradually you will emerge from this fog and rediscover that the pulse of life continues strong and steady.

Temporary loss of focus sometimes brings new insights.

~Worldwords: Global Reflections To Awaken The Spirit
Victor La Cerva, MD

This book is part of a peacemaking effort by the HEAL Foundation