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Worry? Nah!

I have been worrying about of it for a couple weeks pretty heavily. I tend towards that kind of thought process anyways and recently I quit smoking cigarettes without the help of anything. It is not so easy, but worth it when I look at the health benefits and the savings. It has brought up some issues for me which I am prepared to face and yet...I worry. God has sent me messages through friends, through church, and through my exploration of scripture. Thought I'd share this with you...I think it is helpful for us all.

Do not give in to sadness, torment not yourself with brooding;
gladness of heart is the very life of man, cheerfulness prolongs his days.

Distract yourself, renew your courage, drive resentment far away from you;
For worry has brought death to many, nor is there anything to be gained from resentment.

Envy and anger shorten one's life, worry brings on premature old age.

Do not be concerned for your life, what you are to eat, or for your body, what you are to wear. Life is more important than food and the body more important than clothing. Consider the ravens: they do not sow, they do not reap, they have neither cellar nor barn - yet God feeds them.
How much more important you are than the birds! Which of you by worrying can add a moment to their life-span? If the smallest things are beyond your power, why be anxious about the rest?

Stop worrying. The unbelievers of this world are always running after these things. Your Father knows that you need such things. Seek out instead his kingship over you, his way of holiness, and all things will be given you in turn. Enough then of worrying about tomorrow. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Today has troubles enough of its own.


Gingeralex said...

Ah! Great minds think alike. I am always worrying and it's Stephen who reminds me of those verses of scripture about how God doesn't want us to! It's nice to know I'm not alone in my endless thoughts of worry!

I can't wait to see you when you visit! And kudos for quitting smoking. A great feat I'm sure. You have my prayers and confidence!

howie said...

I'm Proud of you. Can't wait to see you at LBI. Love you