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Our little bundle of joy and happiness is getting bigger all the time! She weighed in at 12lbs 8oz last week and she is eating heartily everyday. The doctor seemed quite pleased and did not seem to think we are risks for the flu. Yippee!!
Isabela is smiling more and learning her preferences, which she is not afraid to make known. She plays daily on her rainforest gym (thanks uncle joe, susan, megan, and joey!)
...and sometimes when she realizes she is alone, she will call out with what sounds like, "hey mom, where are you?" You can even hear the HEY! She is adorable and so much fun. I am a very active person and she is very willing to travel right there with me and take in the new sights.
Lots of changes besides the seasons for our little family but all good. I have started a great therapy program called DBT and Anthony and I are making some needed changes in our relationship. Building again from the ground up with a strong foundation this time around. It has been a mixture of sad and exciting to see all the differences a new perspective can bring.
Overall I am thrilled and encouraged to be given this opportunity to be a great mom to a gorgeous baby.

Some new pics...