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Ah...the Aspens.

I am from the east coast and one of my favorite times of the year is fall. I love when the deciduous trees change color and drop their beautiful leaves to the ground. I love the smell, the sound and the oh so glorious view. Here in the desert we have a different kind of fall and practically no deciduous trees. All things considered I love the weather here and am not complaining one bit. In fact, The Aspen trees make it possible to have the fall here in the sunny Southwest. I love to take a drive up the mountain and capture the yellow and sometimes orange and red beauties when the sun is shining down on the leaves and they glow.  

Did not make it up the mountain this year, but while looking for the next batch of amazing photos to share I found these.

Thank God for the Aspens and the colorful leaves that bring so much joy. Thank you for the sun to shine its light and warm days like today to mild bliss. And thank you for reminding me about the little things in life.