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Pass it On
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I'd Rather Be A...

I would rather be a tiny seed
scattered in the field on the land of what is good and from LOVE

than a champion among the other, the darker place
Where they use the name of God 
to justify horrendous acts

stemming from their own lack of faith, from insatiable greed, 
and from a hunger for success 
that does not come from worldly goods.


    the tiniest seed
 with LOVE in your heart
the Holy Spirit within
God enough to extinguish the fire that burns hearts so jealous 
and that sheds blood for material gain.
you cannot wash sin clean
you cannot enter lest you

I would rather be judged as someone who believes in the teachings of compassion, specifically the teachings of Christ, than to go to my last day with the devil's blood on my hands
the paths become separate, more so now than we have ever seen
lines are being drawn and you choose the voice that whispers to your soul what to do
there is no better or worse of a nation from where you belong
there is no matter to what color your skin, your eyes, your height or weight
it is the soul that chooses right or wrong
we cannot live sinless

let the soul
choose to allow Jesus to pay for our sins,

be eternally grateful,

and choose to walk in the way of LOVE

His sacrifice sets us free

the walk you take with your Higher Power is your walk
no one else is right to judge
yet, the walk is done on a fairly narrow path
temptations from the world do buz

take care of the least of us
the poor, the sick, the young, the elderly
put human rights and well being before any other worldly pursuit

so much can change
if we listen
with prayerful ears
and speak
with sacred tongues
 using only the language of love
common decency 
and respect.