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Pagosa, Treasure Falls, and Abiquiu

I recently took a small road trip to southern Colorado with a great friend of mine Todd. We drove up Saturday morning to the town of Pagosa. Both Todd and I are very active and decided that the best thing to do would be a hike. We were dressed very warmly as the temperature was quite chilly and the wind was biting where there was little tree cover. We were blessed to have the sun glowing brightly on us, at least for the most part, which helped.

This is the hike in the rocky mountains in Colorado near Wolf Creek Ski resort. It was a beautiful and gratifying view!!!

We were also at a place called Treasure Falls which is really a little roadside spot with some running water and a trail which seemed to be closed. We took the chance to snap some photos and while we were standing there, a beautiful bird graced us with its presence. Nature is good!

Earlier in the day for lunch, in Pagosa, we ate at a small restaurant and sat outside soaking in the sunshine. Later in the evening, after a very nice dinner at the Alley House, we soaked in the hot springs for which Pagosa is famous. The whole town has a bit of the sulfur smell going on, but it is quaint and inviting regardless. The Springs backed right up to the river and had many different pools at varying temperatures with hot spots where the springs were bubbling in. Very relaxing!

On the way back to Santa Fe, we stopped at one of my favorite spots! Todd had never been to the little blessed oasis in Abiquiu that I visit often and seen the spectacular views. It was a great day to experience this particular spot as it was bright and clear. We drove part way up the long dirt road and hiked to the base of one of the sandstone walls. It really is so beautiful and peaceful.

Driving further up the road, you come to a small bunch of brilliant yellow trees and a place to get close to the Rio Chama which runs through the area. We enjoyed getting the opportunity to see the trees turned yellow all along our drive and this chance to get close.

It was a fun and rejuvenating trip all in all. I am thankful to have gotten the chance to spend time with Todd as he is moving in a matter of days to Washington, D.C. for a new job. I am excited for him and his opportunity. I wish him the very best and I will miss him. Perhaps I can take a trip to see him next time I visit my family in NJ!
Thanks for the great weekend!
Pagosa Springs is just another one of the reasons why a visit to the southwest can be wonderful.