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Either you have them or you grow them

Without them you are floating and not able to complete as much as one with roots

Without them you can be knocked down

Careful where you sprout your roots, for as they grow, so does the intention to which they are planted.

Heal your root connection to achieve your highest calling

  Become completely rooted in love to affect positive change. 


Out with the old...

The most recent 6 weeks have been growth oriented and I have come to a place that has me wanting to set free that which does not serve me. I do not wish to be unkind or unappreciative to that which is becoming merely a memory, simply lightening the load in order to move forward with purpose.

Don't be afraid to release connections, ideas, and situations that no longer serve you, in order to make more room for that which is meant for you.

Be brave.

Take the New Year by the reins and...BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!!!



An adventure in dog sitting

It's been a while...

Presently, due to the mass amounts of unemployment and truly horrendous economic division, I find myself largely unemployed. I am a full time mother to an elementary school age child, which is a full time job, but lacking in the great pay department.

I keep at it and soon I will find something to compliment my now growing Dog Boarding/Sitting/Walking business. I began using in late August to bring in income and have an ever growing number of different canine guests, rather than my own pet, as they are costly!

I am able to engage my child in the care and feeding of the dogs, and we can enjoy having a rotating plethora of pets to keep us busy.

I have increased exponentially in the weeks I have been working with the dogs and I am pleased to say I have repeat business and a regular customer or two already! It's really been wonderful to do something I love and get paid to enjoy having a pet for a bit. Sometimes the dogs stay here, sometimes I go to their home. I do dog walking, check in and feeding visits, boarding and house sitting. So far it has been a great success, so easy to get started using, and for the cost, a percentage of your profits, provides access to resources, vet services, emergency assistance, insurance for the business, and materials to expand and grow. They help you market your business and all of it becomes an independent contracting gig that you manage from your phone. It's been a God sent welcome in my life and I look forward to the continued growth.

Hope you all enjoy your new year! It is set to be a good one for me and I wish the same for you.