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Peaces Of Indigo.

From the moment I saw her work, I knew that one day I would own at least one of the creations from Ms. Dawanna Young's studio. Her business, Peaces Of Indigo, specializes in one of a kind creations; finely crafted, made with recycled materials and guaranteed to grant its recipient a passage to another time and place with its worldly romantic charm.

Inspired by nature and sculpted in a one of a kind piece of art that will fit you as if it were always just for you. Since I have discovered her work, and become the proud owner of an amazing necklace, I have watched her work transform and bloom into a thriving and eclectic collection of truly delightful treasures.

Using only the finest hand chosen stones and the grandest of intentions, Ms. Young creates whimsical adornments for the lady and lord in us all, both custom and jeweler inspired. Her studio in Nashville itself has changed to become more suitable for her abundant clientele all over the world.

From Dawanna herself, "
All of my metals are recycled and lovely. I choose to use fair trade gemstones. Sourcing ethical materials is a sort of obsession, since I believe that where they come from affects the 'feel' of my jewelry. My trademarked phrase describes the heart and soul of my jewelry designs: Crafted with intent, infused with love and made to last. (tm)"

Indeed, from beginning to end the ease and beauty of the transaction for the artist and myself was charged with spirit. My heirloom arrived wrapped in a charming and thoughtful package adding the final touches to the amazing service. What lies within is a personal treasure, mine being a tree of life pendant with handwritten Rumi quote made from recycled silver clay. The chain an elaborate presentation of silver wire holding gorgeous stones of labradorite, garnet, and pyrite as well as peacock freshwater pearls.

For the romantic love in all of you, please visit Ms. Young on her website, her Etsy account, or her facebook page to share in the riches and give the gift of true love to yourself or to the special folks in your lives.