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Back in NJ

I was recently back in NJ for family affairs and took some beautiful photos of the flora around Dad and Diane's home. Lush and green and much unlike Santa Fe.

I was blessed to see many family members, some I have not seen in ages which was incredible. I even met a cousin I have not met before and he is now eight. I am so glad to know him!

I also spent some time down on the boardwalk one evening. The kids went on rides and so did some of the adults! It was fun. At the arcade, we played some Skee Ball and such, which I love, and won a couple of black panthers and tickets towards prizes. I have never seen so many tickets won amongst a little group, but we definately accumulated a bunch.

Although the timing was not for the most happy of occasions, there was something beautiful about getting closer to my family whatever the circumstance. I reflect and realize there was happiness in those days and my fondest thought was that Teri's send off was filled with love and appreciation which is the most wonderful gift we can all have hoped to give her.

Today is grandma's birthday. I sent her wishes of love and affection. I know that her presence is energy and so are my thoughts. She received them well I am certain. I miss her greatly as I know we all do. What a remarkable lady and beginning of the beautiful family I was able to embrace again. Every lesson, every memory, I am so very lucky to have had her in my life. I am so lucky for all of you.