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I'm Back!!

After far too long, I am back. I began this post while vacationing in my hometown in NJ.

I have linked my 1st post here back to the last post before I began dealing with a more stress inducing part of my life. In January, dear Etta James passed away and my last post was about her sweet spirit.

In the time since, I have been surfing for new music. Amongst the talented artists out there a band I have come to love the Tedeschi Trucks Band. I scan YouTube often for live video of some of their fantastic performances. Susan Tedeschi has an amazing force with her voice that has nothing to do with volume. She sings the blues with obvious vast influence from the greats. And man she can play the guitar! Paired up with Derek Trucks whom is simply a musical wizard, they really put on a show. I love their arrangements, their originality, and their charisma. What a great team and talented set of musicians.

I recently came across a song that Miss Etta James made famous, I'd Rather Go Blind. That is what sparked me to make this my come back post!

Written by Elligton Jordan and Miss. James but co-credited to Billy Foster, Etta's partner at the time. While Jordan was in prison, James visited him and he shared his work in progress with her,  James would later finish it. Etta wrote of this encounter, the response from the record label and how much the song was part of her own inner world in her autobiography, Rage to Survive. 

Upon my research, I came across a Slate article on the day of her passing. David Haglund speaks of her connection to this song specifically as it was such hit and it touched so many lives.

So from Etta herself to Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks...I'd Rather Go Blind has been performed by many an artist, but none like Miss Etta James.

Thankfully I would no sooner go blind for a fool, than jump into a river full of leeches.

what I have reminds me that happiness is my perspective and what I have achieved in the time since my last posting, another testament to the miracle of truth, of faith, of love. I'm thankful for the ones that walk away. It makes room for me, for my daughter, and for a different kind of love.