Pass it On

Pass it On
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new poem/song

I've walked the road of healing
So many times before
I thought this time of giving up
Then God knocked on my door

This time the path is different
You've not seen this place awake
Just keep your wits about you
And remember what's at stake

My love it grows inside you
Stronger day by day
It won't be long until you find
Just what you mean to say
I'll guide you, help you ever more
Gifts of wisdom from above
Worry not my blessed daughter
You've got the gift of love

Relief washed over my heart again
As I lifted up my face
I know that even if the tears do fall
I will walk along with grace

The love that grows inside me
Stronger day by day
Will not leave me lonely, no
His love is here to stay
So thankful for His presence
To guide me while I roam
The gift of word is yet to come
Until He brings me home

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