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New Baby Pics

I thought I would post the new ultrasound pics. We were able to get the new 3D ultrasound which is some of the more recent technology. I thought it was very neat but the pics look a bit alien. Yikes! So I included one of the older kind and a new 3D to show you what I mean. They did all kinds of measurements and I will hear from the doctor next visit if there is anything to worry about. Things looked really good though.

The baby was moving all around and kicking up a storm. I am still not feeling much of that yet so it was interesting to see the little one in action. A little Kung Fu star in the making!
I did not find out the sex of the baby as I would like to be surprised!
I will keep you all posted.
Happy Thursday!


faf said...

yay! so exciting! i'm so happy for you! i'm glad to hear everything is going well. can't wait! stay healthy, love you.

howie said...

Can't wait to see great grand baby number two