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I'm breastfeeding...what can I take to help with anxiety and stress?

Continuing your prenatal vitamins is a first thing to help keep your body full of all the nutrients that you need plus what the baby needs! I used these...Rainbow Light Just Once
I also took Cal-Mag Citrate (from Whole Foods) to help with headaches and build up those bones. Babies take a good deal of calcium to make and sometimes mom's can suffer.

I also continued taking Prenatal DHA while breastfeeding which really helped us both!

For any nervous stomach and nausea problems red raspberry leaf/nettle tea.
These can be purchased at your local natural grocer or herb specialist store and the above online links.

Remember that the important things are being calm, taking good care of your baby and other children, and enjoying what you do. If you need help relieving stress or anxiety, read here from on how to Calm Down Quickly.

All moms are super moms if they are being moms at all. It is not easy to juggle children and your own identity ( it is for them as well) and add the needs of other children, pets, spouses, and relatives into the mix... Go easy on yourself! Make time for you. And do everything as best you can with as much patience and calm as possible. Here are 19 Tips for new mothers!

Homeopathics are great for helping to calm your nerves, combat anxiety, depression, and a whole host of other normal parts of postpartum times. They are safe for use while breastfeeding (and during pregnancy) when used according to directions. For any anxiety and emotional problems that you may have during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, see listing here, for safe homeopathics to take. And for digestive issues, see here.

When you are multitasking (as all mothers do), remember that baby likes to be snug and close or re interested in watching. So baby carriers and wraps are amazing. Get those hands free to be able to attend to other things and be close to your little one. Mei Tei Baby Carriers are great!

If you are pregnant and prone to post partum depression or have a history of emotional imbalance it may be a good idea to look into saving your placenta, which can be dried, ground and put into capsules, to aid in the extreme changes your body faces surrounding birth. The service is not all around that expensive and the benefits of having this effective medicine around is worth the cost. To find out more visit Placenta Benefits and find a local practitioner and for the more industrious ladies, you can also find ways to do the process yourself.

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