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Grocery Store Free Literature...

Natural Awakenings is one of those publications. Catered with ads and articles from your local area, this magazine is quite a wealth of information and so is their website. Natural Awakenings provides alternative and natural solutions for recipes, supplements, and natural care practitioners. There are also articles submitted to share helpful information in the healthy living, healthy planet areas.

If there is not already a Natural Awakening Magazine in your could be a job opportunity!

In an issue from March of this year I have found a clinic that offers free therapy sessions once a month for PTSD patients. The National Institute for Mental health is an excellent online resource to help you decide if you have a PTSD type disorder. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is very difficult for anyone involved, it is important to have help and support, and it is really nice to know someone is offering help to those who may not be able to afford it. Santa Fe is very fortunate to have so many modalities of healing offered by many practitioners. Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing is just one of those. They are even offering the treatment to those who simply wish to come and give it a shot. The idea is to reset the flight-or-flight response and create a sense of calm for those who have experienced a traumatic event that has left them emotionally wounded.

Right under our noses in the simplest and least likely of places, the possibilty exists that just the answer you need at just the right time is there. Respond to your instincts, pick up that flyer or take that class you've been thinking about and listen to what you discover.

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