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Miniature Horses

Why Miniature horses?

Well. This question has come about after a trip to El Rancho de los Golondrinas for their annual Fiesta de los Ninos. One of the attractions was a couple of miniature horses. My daughter was fearless and ready for action...and she decided to sneak under the fence to get a closer look. The horses, Miss Priss and Uncle Buck, were very gracious as we got her out and there was no threat thankfully.

I spoke to the woman who brought them from a local place called Dawg House Ranch. They have a ranch with other miniatures including a baby. Apparently they really prefer children due to their size and they are very friendly companions. We are excited to go and visit these horses at their home and interact with them as my daughter seemed like she was having a blast.

So..why miniature horses?

In the 17th century, miniature horses were bred as pets for Europe's nobility.

In the United States, the miniature horse breed was refined during the 20th century. Miniature horses in the USA added additional lines from sources that included the Hackney Pony and the Pony Of the Americas.

These adorable little animals are also used as companion and assistance animals. Although they are still horses in every way and need to be housed and cared for as horses. They thrive in an outdoor environment and can live to be 25-35 years old.

For free information regarding Miniature horses check out this website, amha.

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