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Books...Old Books

I LOVE books. Totally passionate about books. The way they look on shelf after shelf, the wealth of information, the art in them, of them, the typeface and how they seem to weave together the tales of a person's life. Oh the adventures books have been on! It is the first thing I notice when I go to someone's house or office and if allowed I am ambitious to peruse other's collections whenever I can.

I was at a meeting with my pastor today and I came across a gem. I picked it up, the cute little volume, and expressed my love for old books, classic books like this small gray hard bound beauty. Books that have that smell. That old smell. Ummm. The spine is decorated yet overall the book is plain. It it simply speaks to my senses and asks to be held and enjoyed. The paper has a waterwark and the pages are edged with goldleaf. Aside from a small gap in the spine by the front cover, it is in near mint condition.

I was smitten and then in a state of total joy when my pastor says, "Oh you can have that, I've not looked at it in all the years it has been here."


I am now the owner of a book printed in 1915 and given to Howard Richard Starke as a birthday gift. In His Steps, by J.R. Miller. A book for those beginning the Christian life, a Presbyterian publication.

Handy pocket sized old school wisdom.

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