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Pass it On
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Singing. What's with the singing karaoke? How come you don't have your own band?

Jar of Hearts

I sang this with all the passion, tragedy, feeling, beauty, skill and truth I could muster. I felt every single syllable as a release of the pain inside my chest. This whole series of Christina Perri at the Ocean Way Studios just blows me away.

And when I have the opportunity to pay her tribute and sing her songs, I do it with the respect, the appreciation, and the love that both Christina and I deserve.

It is one of the best ways to release the emotions I hold inside.
To touch others.
What a gift.

And in regards to not having my own band/music. Well I ain't dead and this ride ain't over. I am ready.
And it's going to happen. soon enough. and until then, I'll be singing every Sunday at church and with the children at Sunday school. And on occasional evenings when I go out to rock the town. oh and all the time at home.

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