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I completed my first session of Craniosacral training! In 28 hours I learned a whole lot about anatomy, Craniosacral techniques, and the amazing healing power of the body. Our teacher Etienne Piersmon is a wonderful example of how having your heart be present in your work makes all the difference. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of Craniosacral is contagious. I feel that I walked away with a great beginning to a wonderful practice.
As a student you also give and receive body work during the training which is a great way to begin to understand the basics. I enjoyed meeting new people also interested in healing and I am already practicing on friends and neighbors so I am ready for the next section which begins the end of this month. I am thrilled to have finally found something that makes sense to me and that I am really quite good at doing!

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Suzy said...

So how did it work out for you? Did you go on to take more courses in CST? Tell me, can you actually feel the cranio-sacral rhythm? I also took a course , over 4 days....I love being on the receiving end, and have read a few books on the subject, by Upledger and Milne, plus I've given treatments to my partner and a couple other people. I can't feel the ryhthm however, and it irritates me.