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dephase (day-fah-ZAY) French
To feel out of it

We all have those days when enthusiasm for life seems elusive. The dominant energy is somewhat depressed and we want to crawl under the sheets and disappear, or not get out of bed at all. If you manage to muster enough energy to get about the business of daily engagement with the world, there is a definite mood of being dephase. Every aspect of your being seems affected and out of synch; the body protests any demonstration of liveliness, concentration is difficult, and we may feel disconnected. Whether the stars are the cause or just mid-season blues, understanding why is less essential than accepting and gently redirecting whatever is occurring. Since productivity is out of the question, try to yield your sense of control, and initiate some small action that allows you to get a bit more centered. Observe the flow of this fragmented space and be witness to your own confusion. Gradually you will emerge from this fog and rediscover that the pulse of life continues strong and steady.

Temporary loss of focus sometimes brings new insights.

~Worldwords: Global Reflections To Awaken The Spirit
Victor La Cerva, MD

This book is part of a peacemaking effort by the HEAL Foundation

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