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Pass it On
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Blowing in the Wind

I feel their sorrow blowing in the wind
And it tears my soul in two
I feel as though my heart is breaking
But the pain is not mine so I try and have peace

I hear the cries and my arms reach out
No one is there to receive this love
I cast into the wind a message of hope
That all of those souls be saved

How hard to be happy
When the soul is awake with sadness
I feel empty as their pain fills me up
Longing to separate it from my own
So that I may ease their sorrow

A smile, a kindness, a gift of love
All that it takes to turn away shame
I lift up my voice to ask for help
Peace for my soul and love in my heart
Strong enough to heal these hurts

For those who wish to forsake my love
So be it
It is not for me to decide
They cannot effect my happiness
Or touch this love I have to give


faf said...

have you been writing these? i really like them. keep it up. love you and miss you!

Carl said...

I agree. They are great! How did I get such smrt children?

love dad

michele said...

These sure are mine...thanks!
Perhaps a book will emerge after they are all written.
Love you too!
And just got lucky! Although you shared all your talents with us.
But I am so glad you did!