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utang na loob (OO-tahng nah LOW-ob)

Worldwords at it again...

today's word is from the Tagalog language which is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines as a first language for about a third of the people and as a second to the rest of the Philippines.

utang na loob which translates as a debt of the heart

The author, Victor Cerva, describes this debt as belonging to a group of unique individuals in your life that supersede the bonds formed with common acquaintances or perhaps even that of life long friends and family. These are the folks that have picked you up when you absolutely needed it and to whose debt you can never repay. Lent you much needed money, sheltered you when you were homeless, helped you when you were grieving a terrible loss in your life, helped you through an addiction. Whatever the action, it has etched itself forever at the very core of our souls and perhaps it could have even saved our lives.

Cerva ends with a prayer for each word.

I honor and acknowledge that which has been given to me that can never be repaid.

Thank you Lord for the gifts and graces you have placed in my life when I needed them. Thank you to those folks that have been there and as hard as I may can never truly do anything more than offer my support too. It is yours. Thank you.

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