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A very good friend passed along to me a book that I will be forever grateful for coming across. It is called, Parenting with Love & Logic. Authors Foster Cline and Jim Fay bring a new approach to the "standards" of parenting that have existed for generations. It is not the only innovative parenting resource, but it is definitely one I can relate to quite well. It is a comprehensive guide to turning your parenting skills around with results. There are tips, shared stories, and knowledge galore about the techniques that have proven so valuable in teaching children responsibility and nurturing a safe place for parents and children of any age to have a more bonded and loving relationship. Step by step through some of the biggest challenges amongst children and teens, Cline and Fay bring years of experience to the table and the product is an amazing manual for parenting success!

What looks like another gem and something I will be on the lookout for at the library...Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood.

Another Parenting book that was lovingly passed along to me is Full Esteem Ahead: 100 Ways to Teach Values and Build Self-Esteem for All Ages. 
Jack Canfield, one of the authors in the Chicken Soup Series says, "Every Page of this remarkable resource is filled with a love of children, a passion for life, and a deep wisdom gained from many years of conscious parenting."

Written by a mother and daughter team, this book is chock full of insights and ideas for having a life with more love and less fear. Lists of practical steps to achieving success, quotes to inspire, stories from mother and daughter and ultimately a unique encyclopedia of esteem building activities!

Happy New Year!!
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