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Worldwords is a little coffee table type daily devotional guide that  picked up a few years ago via the lovely establishment for which I have been a part time some time employee now for some years.
Santa Fe Beeswax Candle Co. Ah the smell of Beeswax, I miss. Honey a plenty. The kind of ambiance that begs you to stay. A spirit to make a difference.

Victor La Cerva, Md. has put together a collection of global reflections to awaken the soul. 
 Today's reflection: December 22
sooch (suj) Kafir Kalash
Be pure!

We begin to enter into a more nourishing and dynamic harmony with ourselves when we relinquish the needs to be perfect. Sooch! The words are whispered as part of the ritual purification during a December festival in northern Pakistan. Bathing incense, special foods and ceremony combine in events around the world to encourage right living. Beyond simple moral compunction, sooch yourself and simultaneously accept yourself. Welcome into your life those who can be confrontative and supportive at the same time, gently pointing out discrepancies between your actions and your words. The more you relinquish control of your spiritual destiny, the greater freedom you will experience. The embracing of your unique shadows allow the brilliance of your light to shine forth.

I welcome the wholeness of my imperfections.

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