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Philippians 4:4-8

A little over two years ago I purchased a small notebook with this phrase on it.
I have an image of it captured as my phone's background.
I look at it often simply to remind myself that with my newly solidified faith comes peace, even when, especially when I am feeling anxiety, stress, worry or fretting over life.

My life, my God, our God shows me all the time just how present He is in my life. I go searching just the other eve for scripture to study, to reflect upon, to inspire. I open to a random place after a simple meditation and I find; The passage Phillipians 4:4-8.

I looked at several versions of the passage to really understand the language and absorb the message. To be able to express to all of you and to myself the meaning of this verse and what solace and wisdom it can provide.

I was tickled to learn that this one line that I had been carrying with me for two years had come back around full circle.

After jotting notes and doing a bit of research,  I snuck a peek at a Christmas present from a dear friend. Again...God shows me He is here. Merely a few days after my first reminder, I stumble upon a lovely set of notecards:

Had I doubted its relevance or its importance, would not that have been the most classic case of purposeful ignorance?

Needless to say I did not doubt, but was overjoyed to have been blessed again. A simple gift becomes a moment to happily place amongst my treasured assurances that indeed Christ is alive in my heart and that I can be peaceful of mind due to this glorious fact.
For those of us that sometimes have our doubts, God shows us with signs and subtle connections that He is here working in our lives so that peace is possible.

Phillippians 4:4-8, speaks to me about remembering just how amazing God's presence is in your life. The Apostle Paul urges us to remember to set your heart and mind on God for this will bring a joy filled change of perspective. Although he is imprisoned while writing this letter, Paul sends the message to Rejoice, for the ultimate joy comes from Christ dwelling within us. Paul challenges Christians to lead by example. To show the world that the Lord works in all you do. He then goes on to say that you should turn your worries into prayers and let God's peace guard your heart against anxiety. Fill your mind with thoughts that are honorable, true, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and worthy of praise. That is, replace harmful input with wholesome material. And through all this, Paul asks us to be Thankful. Thankful for what the Lord has done and thankful ahead of time for answering your worried prayers.

Rejoice! Hallelujah! Thanks!

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