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Ah visiting NJ...always a pleasure!

Settling in back in NM after my week long vacation to NJ. It was great.
I really got a chance to remember my spirit, who I am in this crazy world. I guess I forget sometimes.
I got to venture into the city, meet up with old friends, visit with family and relax...all in the same trip!
The weather was mild and actually quite nice for March which I was thankful for...even though I brought my big down coat just in case. It came in handy walking around New York.
So much has been happening for me lately. I think many of you know the good news and I will share with the rest of you now...
Michele is going to be a MOMMY!!!!

Here's the little one at the end of January. I get another ultrasound next week and I will make sure to put those up much sooner than this one!
I am really excited, scared...ready and not...all at the same time.
Everyone has been so loving and supportive. Thanks for that! It means a lot.
As far as I can tell...the new little one is already such a blessing to the family and most of all to me. I am swiftly reflecting and growing in an effort to be the best mom I can be come August.
I'll keep you all posted.
Lots of love


Sarah said...

Look at that little baby! So cute! S/he is so lucky to have a mom who will always have a book for him/her to read, a craft to do, a song to sing...

faf said...

i'm so glad you had fun visiting. it was great to get to see you! and i hope your birthday went well!!!! can't wait to see you again. love you so much!!!