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Isabela's First Christmas!

Well...this year was Isabela's first christmas! She of course thought it was just another day, but there were a few gifts and some pancakes to mark it as special. This past year has been a bit of a challenge for our little family but we ended it with a nice and special holiday season. Quiet times with family and the telling of the story of Jesus. Very nice. We even got the Veggie Tales movie about the story of St. Nicholas. I did not want her getting too many gifts because Christmas is not about gettting things, but she managed to get some books, a few new outfits, some much needed bibs, and some great learning toys. I was blessed to receive gifts from family and friends out of state as well. Cute clothes, blankets, a few other toys, and even some cash to help us with diapers and cereal! Isabela and I feel very blessed and lucky to have such wonderful family and to have our needs met so easily. When life gives you know what to do!
She is now about 17 lbs and is eating rice cereal! She is getting good at rolling over and she plays with all her toys intently and intelligently. She loves her books so much and we read everyday.

************************Love to you all and Happy New year!

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