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Tunisia was amazingly beautiful and the weather was fabulous. I was there for 10 days and was taking a belly dancing workshop for most of the time. We danced 4-6 hours a day and then danced some more into the night at the little night club at our hotel. We got to see several cities in the area around where we stayed and explored some Roman ruins as well. We also got some time to relax and see the beach which was beautiful. I really am delighted that I found my way there as it was a great experience and has spawned me to look into traveling more often and to more places.


Sarah said...

How beautiful! You must have had an amazing time; Tunisia looks like a very ancient and romantic kind of place. How was the dancing? Where do you think you'll go to next?

michele said...

I did have an amazing time! I was informed that the trip for 2008 has been scheduled for the end of June. So I will get tot visit again and hopefully explore a bit more on my own! Tunisia is ancient, there are Roman ruins from centuries ago all over the city. The dancing was incredible. My favorite class was one taught by a Tunisian woman. I had better brush up on my Arabic and French before I return!