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Pass it On
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sense of what's to come

shadows beckon
i refuse
the heart is what matters
darkness ensues

soft golden rapture
amidst new found grace
nothing else matters
if i arrive at this place

when feelings downtrodden
are all that remain
self inflicted madness
beckons again

decide i now
that i will have won
as the battle rages underneath
a sense of what's to come

a deal was made
through all the grief
i will let nothing shake
this new found peace


taxitalk said...

Are the bees really disappearing

taxitalk said...


michele said...

The bees are definitely diminishing...but I would have to say that it is mostly commercial bee keepers that are experiencing the problems. There are several reasons behind the disappearing bees, one of them being mites and the chemical approach to keeping the mites away. The bees also suffer from the chemicals and cannot survive. Most organic bee keepers have managed to work through the issues of bees disappearing but that is not to say that some are not still losing bees. I venture a guess that when one pushes the natural limits of any creature, there is bound to be a bit of struggle until symbiosis is established.