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Cookies, painting, Isabela...

Made some more cookies just for fun... the gingerbread type. I got the recipe out of a children's cook book I once borrowed from a preschool where I was working. Just mix your dough, roll out, bake and you have an instant canvas for creativity.

There is a wonderful added bonus to this artwork... you can eat them and yum do they ever taste heavenly! I especially enjoy them with a small scoop of ice cream plopped right on the back.

I use as many natural ingredients as I can for this very simple recipe and even use fresh ginger instead of ground. Wow it makes a nice difference. I also try and reduce the amount of sweetness just a bit when I can.

I did just pink and blue this time and I plan to advertise my delights for baby showers and such.

I have also been painting more. It has been such a pleasure to explore my creativity once more. I have been so focused on other pursuits I forgot I was an artist...LOL! Painting these brings such delight. Plan to put these for sale as well. Customizable.

Isabela has been my other major focus. That has been the most healthy, loving, and wonderful focus I have ever experienced. Being a parent is an amazing journey of remembering your own inner child and somehow as your priorities shift, so too does your perspective. I certainly have a renewed faith, a growing strength to be a better person, and the courage to remember that although I may make mistakes that I can do this...and I can do it well! We've been having fun! I am the most blessed and lucky woman on earth I imagine.

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