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Kerrie music on the scene.

So my new "anthem" comes from a little gal by the name of Kerrie Roberts. (She is probably taller than me and not so distant from my age...but the little girl and boy in all of us screams out sometimes to be seen, heard, and recognized. So to me she is a little gal.)
I went about researching her a bit, trying to figure out who she is from more than just a promotion aspect.
Her Biography found on her website is a personal telling of Kerrie's beginnings in church at age 5 and her decision to make good faithful choices in her rise to success. Brilliant!

A song she has co-written with her producer is set to appear in an upcoming ABC TV Series called Once Upon a Time. Here is the trailor.

Behind the scenes with Kevin Davis, interview with Kerrie.

There is a really great write up about Kerrie at
She won two Dove awards for New Artist of the Year and Outstanding Female Vocalist.

I am totally excited about also finding another source for today's chrisitan music. I really like the positive messages, the hope, the variety, and the general lack of vulgarity. Refreshing.

You can also catch Kerrie here on YouTube. Kerrie TV

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