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Once a large dirt area filled with dozens of prairie dog the Santa Fe RailYard Park

Over the past several years, Santa Fe has revamped it's Railyard area. The Old Santa Fe Railway still runs on the weekends from Santa Fe to Lamy with different festive events. The train itself has been active for many many years, but with the new RailRunner bringing folks from Albuquerque, the whole area is changing. New stores are popping up, some restaurants and night life and even some green housing units. There are new gallery spaces and some of Santa Fe's already thriving businesses have gotten a face lift. Overall the project has been quite transformational for the entire community. The Santa Fe Farmer's Market got a new building, Warehouse 21 was rebuilt, and this lovely outdoor park was added to make this area a complete family outing extravaganza! Today there was Zydeco music playing outside the Second Street Brewery and people were dancing and enjoying the bright warm sunshine. A quick bite at Flying Star after playing in the park and then back home for a quiet evening. Thanks Santa Fe for relocating all those prairie dogs and building our families a really nice place to hang out!

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