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Caffeine and quitting it.

I love coffee. I am not a person who drinks a lot of coffee but I love coffee that is rich and robust. Full flavor roasts that really leave the smell and taste with you like a savory treat.
But I am in need of giving it it up for health reasons. (why caffeine can pose risks)
I don't drink sodas or other caffeinated beverages so this is really just about the coffee and perhaps the chocolate (that will have to be later!)
So my approach...
Spend the next week of mornings drinking some caffeinated teas. After that week, switch to decaffeinated teas.
There are many varieties of both green and black decaffeinated teas and now a days there are so many herbal teas with no can really have fun! I personally love Triple Leaf Jasmine Green Decaf tea. It's decaffeinated naturally to maintain much of the antioxidant levels.

Wish me luck and let us all mourn that cup of coffee in the morning for me at least for now until I can heal my nerves a bit!

below are some links to alternative caffeine resources
please feel free to share your caffeine free routines!

I am also looking into making some delicious butter candies and I am going to explore the coffee flavor without the caffeine!

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