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Update of the caffeine-less days and my nervous system

I notice that when I am very stressed, my body goes into some routine modes of depression, and some pretty intense tension and aches in my head, neck, back and hips. For me when I drink caffeine I can feel the tense spots get more tense...constrict. It's not all that good, even though the taste of coffee is so good! So I have been appreciative and happy for the decaf tea and herbal tea. In fact I find it quite nice to drink warm liquids that relax me more and help my body get the reminder that stress reactions are not needed to this degree...ease up there cowgirl!

I have been doing some stretching and breathing work to help my tension as well. I remind myself to loosen my jaw and breathe regularly as I go throughout the day and sometimes forget.
I purchased a yoga video for my daughter and I to practice together.
I took a brisk walk around the grounds of the church next door yesterday in the sunshine.

I decided to stay in and rest when I was also tempted to go out and sing karaoke on my baby free night! That was a really great idea. I feel much more capable today. This was a good idea for many reasons actually. I saved money, gas, and the nerves that go along with going out, socializing and singing in front of others. Don't get me wrong. On a good day...this is a release and totally fun exercise. I dance, I sing and spend great time with friends. But with a beaten down nervous system I need to choose wisely and save all my reserves. With a two year old in tow needing care and teaching, fun and lots of love. Gotta be at my best!

I have been taking vitamins daily! I even get myself nice chewable vitamins like my daughter's that are from the health food store. Little animal shapes in fruit flavors...Yay vitamins!!
I also picked up a B Stress Complex which is especially for the nervous system. I can already feel the benefits!

Going to keep up the good work and fix my diet a bit and eat more regularly.
Get ready for winter.
It snowed here this morning. Just a bit. But it's cold. Brrr.

Pass this blog along folks. Contribute if you want. Email me. Reach out! Share the love.

New update: I tried coffee one day. Decaf. And I felt the old effects I have been without on my caffeine free days and it only took a few sips for me to realize that for me, less stress is best. I found a love Jasmine tea by Tulsi Teas. The great thing about that is this. Tulsi teas are made from Tulsi or Holy Basil which is a known stress reducer, anti-inflammatory, helps support healthy metabolism and acts as an immune system booster as well.

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