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Through the archives...My photo shoot 11/07

So a few years ago when I was moving back to Santa Fe, from an 8 month trial life in Austin, TX which is a beautiful city, by the way...I landed down pretty lost and discouraged. I was thin and negative without a purpose.

A friend of mine is an excellent photographer and a feisty spirit of tough love. I proposed that we do a photo shoot somewhere funky, outdoors and...that really represented me. I thought it would be fun and lift my spirits and self confidence. I was correct.

Mostly it was fun.

I highly recommend having a good friend who is a skillful camera whiz do a photo shoot for you. Get looking Sunday best and go have some feels AMAZING!!!
Laughing, joking, telling stories, costume changes, old mustangs...and east coast ramble.

I arrived at Ursula's to receive an amazing makeup and hair makeover from Svetlana Brit, since we all need help looking our best.
It was really fun to wear fake eyelashes, get all done up, and see natural shine right through. Svetlana did such a nice job, she was also quite nice and lots of fun!

Then off we went to an arroyo in the Espanola area to catch the best light of the day. It was November around 3:30pm and brilliant the day we went out. Lugging my gear through the dry sandy arroyo, some dogs playing in tow...we walked along to capture the light and the essence of me.

I share this because it was the next noteworthy batch of photos in my iPhoto collection.

God is good. He graces us with gifts for His work.
I was happy to be part of something that inspired someone else to do what they love. I felt that energy this day and I have much respect for the woman behind the scenes...Ms. Ursula Coyote.

I met Ursula when I first arrived in Santa Fe in 2000. She was running the karaoke evening at this swanky type lounge they called Bar B. Thursday nights. I was so nervous to even leave the house let alone sing so I brought my parents with me. That night while I was singing, feeling so afraid...she approached my family and encouraged me to sing more.

Pretty soon I was going every Thursday (w/o parents) and having some of the best nights of my life. Rich conversation, singing, dancing, watching life, having fun. Ursula encouraged me more over the years to branch out, try new things, and believe in myself. It has been a really wonderful healing aspect to my life and always will be...but I'm ready for more.

My desire is to begin singing about the Lord with a modern appeal mixed with some good old foot stomping gospel tunes.

I am blessed and grateful. I sing to my daughter, I sing at church, I sing whenever I can. I still go to karaoke and it's much more fun after years of practice and encouragement.
This town has a nice camaraderie around karaoke, if you find the right group. I am still singing with folks I met 10 years ago. It's great.

Sometimes we need reminding of our gifts and our calling to share those gifts with others.

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