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Pricetag Jessie J

Noteworthy tune. Have her album to check out as well. I always love to see people performing their music.

Jessie J - PriceTag

Turns out Ms. Jessie J has some GREAT tunes! She is a confident lyrical songstress, doing it her way. I love it. Nobody's Perfect and Who You Are really resonate as important messages. Her desire to spread the word is contagious.

Here's an amazing performance of Who You Are filmed at the subway station in Times Square, NY, where Jessie J and her tiny boom-box make some noise!

I also really appreciate her song Do it Like A Dude. I am not much for the flashing of skin and overly vulgar aspect of music or society but I really do hear just what's she is saying and it's also an important message. Hey guys, I'm as tough as you where it counts. We are all human, woman or man, and there is no superior quality to either. What matters is what is inside your heart and soul.

Check her out!

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