Pass it On

Pass it On
Share the Love



It has not been much time
Since I was falling apart

A new woman has emerged
Healed with open hear

So completely different
Than I have ever been before
It is never all for nothing
It may have been the cure

Choosing to stand up and find life
In every little thing
Beauty in the simple gifts
The heavens seem to bring

Triumphant and assured
I walk through with open eyes
Ready to make my way
To calm the distant cries

No reason to hide the beauty
That lives beneath my skin
It is the light of freedom
No more darkness held within

If ever you can hear this
I love you so much more
I want for you this beauty
So emerge from within your core

I possess a new perspective
I wish to share with anyone
That needs a little pick me up
And wants to feel the love

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