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New Beginnings

Such is life that change happens whether you like it or not. Fortunately lately I have been liking it very much. Even though the new phases of my life were not necessarily prompted by positive events...the results are quite satisfying.

After my car decided to finally give up being mine (long story) I was blessed to be given the opportunity to purchase a lovely and well taken care of Honda Civic hybrid. The gas prices here in Santa Fe are even more inflated than other cities and I get something close to 40 miles to the gallon so i am thrilled.
I followed my car purchase with a fun and sassy new haircut. I was just bursting with the desire to have something shorter for the summer and I wanted something a little more sculpted and sophisticated. Not the best photo but here is what it looks like from one view.The next phase of my new life took the shape of a beautiful upright piano to go along with the lessons I have been taking. Music is definately important to me and I decided it was about time to figure a way to accompany myself while I sing. So I have begun to explore this and found that having my own intstrument was a wonderful way to spend my evenings and free time.

The last piece of the puzzle to be added for the time being is that I have found a much more lucrative job. I have not started yet but I have found myself becoming the new manager for a contemporary women's clothing boutique. The clothes are very fashion forward and I will finally be making a very nice salary with chance to be really taken care of as an employee. I am so excited!

Sometimes it is through the more unhappy moments in life that the real lessons are brought to the surface. Through some of my current struggles I have found that when I really stuck by what was right for me, the universe responded with kindness and I was given opportunity. The doors began to open and I chose to walk through. I am going to keep up with the new success simply by continuing to stay strong in what is right for me and to keep walking through the doors.

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Sarah said...

Oooo a hybrid, you lucky lady. And I really like your hair like that; I gave myself a summer shearing too! Your blog is lovely.