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9/11 prayer

Dear Lord, on this day of remembrance for so many people all across the globe, please bless us all with hearts of love and forgiveness. We pray for those who died, their families, those who were there, those who fought to help, those that grieved from a distance just at the thought of the tragedy, everyone affected by this day of remembrance, for the collective suffereing felt that day. Everyday has suffering, this day marks a moment when we suffered together and can now rejoice together. Rejoicing in life that we still have to live. Rejoice in the the courage and bravery for those who stood up that day and did not let our attackers prevail. Rejoice for those who risked everything to save as many as could be found to save. Rejoice for those who have gone before to a place where we all exist together as one without the circumstances of life to impede the flow of love. Let us raise our hearts in love and honor those whose lives were changed forever that day. Let us pray that God's love reaches the hearts of our enemies today. Show them however you can Lord the way to your truth. I pray Lord that today those who suffer have support and kinship. I pray that today changes many lives for the good bringing more love to this world and more who become believers. Let your love shine down like a rainbow, letting us know you are here always to guide us, protect us, and to heal us when we are broken. Show as many as you can today Lord what it means to have you there always. And when those who doubt you speak, let them hear a soft whisper that says, remember how many more did not die. Remember how many were rescued from the rubble, remember how I reached into the hearts of many to give them strength when they felt paralyzed with grief. Remember you are here. God hears us and answers our prayers.

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